Sergio ML (serche) wrote in placebolust,
Sergio ML

Have you heard it?

Well ... i've heard the song...

before anything i'd like too say that i've been a huge placebo fan owning all of the records and a few singles and i went to the 2 concerts in Guadalajara Mexico, and i certainly like all the past 'experiments' like 'spite & malice' (i certainly dont enjoy hip hop, but kinda like that song), or 'I do' wich is an eclectic-electro-rock kinda thing...


I heard this song on the net (because i want you) ... and... i just dont know... really... i just dont first impression was.. 'what the!!!'... well .. to be honest, iam disappointed .

Since the time i heard that dimitri was in charge of the production of the record i tought that this record would be some big experiment and this song truly is an experiment.

After hearing bulletproof cupid or special k, this song is really soft... i just dont know!!! hahahaha.... i want to guess that the song will sound a lot better after hearing the entire record.....

I know that sleeping is one hell of a cd and is hard to follow... but i trust in them!!! i know they can!!!
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