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The Placebo Effect

PLACEBOOK is the LiveJournal of an ongoing project called The Placebo Effect, a fans' scrapbook of Placebo that is currently accepting submissions.

If you have any writing (letters, poetry, humor material, essays, testimonials, thank-yous) to submit, send them HERE:

If you have any art (painting, drawings, photos of room decorations or tattoos), send them HERE:

If you choose to contribute - artwork, essays, poems - your name, age and location (and media of piece if artwork) will be added to your page in the book. Your works can be about the whole band or one member in particular. Fanfiction is not allowed. We are also looking for pictures of your Placebo tattoos. This book is meant to be a widespread, fan-created scrapbook with which to show our global appreciation and undying love for our lovely boys. The pieces can include pretty much anything you want - sexual content, drug content. Just nothing that would be ridiculously offensive to the band themselves should they ever chance to see it in its published form. These are to be your personal thoughts, feelings, emotions relating to the band itself and what their music means to you. This is as much a project for you to get your message out there, as it is for the band to appreciate our love for them. The tentative title is The Placebo Effect, but may change over time.

Friend this LJ for further information and future updates!

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