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MISTAKES in Carrie

I found this and it seemed interesting. I'm putting it behind a cut in case someone doesn't want to stumble on a Carrie spoiler. 

  • Carrie was born on 21 September 1963, but on the first page of the book, in the article from the newspaper it states that the stones fell on the White household on 17 August 1966, and that "Mrs White, a widow, lives with her three year old daughter, Carietta". In fact on 17 August 1966, Carrietta was two years, ten months and three weeks (give or take) old. She would not turn three until 21 September 1966, some five weeks later. (Thanks to Karen C for finding this!)
  • Carrie goes to Westover to buy material for her end-of-season dance gown. But later, when Frieda asks her where she has bought her gown Carrie says that she has made it herself and that she has bought the material for it in Andover.
  • According to the first message from the New England press bureau fire engines from Westover, Motton and Lewiston comes to Chamberlain to help extinguish the fire. Sheriff Doyle is quoted for saying that the only fire engines that made themself useful during the fire was two old fire engines from Westover. In the third message from the New England press bureau the journalist talks to a fire inspector from Andover. So where did he come from?
  • Carrie's death certificate comes from the Andover hospital, again not agreeing that the neighboring hospital was Westover.
  • On page 51 Mr P P Bliss is mentioned a few times, then his name is spelt Bloss, Simply a typographical error.
  • When Estelle Horan is interviewed by Esquire about the bikini-incident, she tells the journalist that Carrie was 3 when she walked into Estelle's back garden and that she moved from away from the town when she was 20. Later Stella Horan is mentioned as being one of the pupils that Norma Watson stood together with, when Carrie got drenched in the blood from the pigs.
  • On Page 69 (Part One: Blood Sport) the Owner of the Kelly Fruit Company is called Hubert, but on page 217 (Part Three: Wreckage), his name changes to Henry.
  • In Part One, Blood Sport we find out that Ralph White died in Feb 1963, 7 months before Carrie was born. Later when Carrie was one year old, Margaret White seen Carrie in her crib with a bottle dangling in mid air over her head, and it was only Ralph White that had stopped her from Killing Carrie then. Now it might be metaphorical - the memory of her husband made her stop wanting to kill his daughter - but then again, it might not be. (This error was sent by Lisa Escamillo after being printed in the alt.books.stephen-king newsgroup)
  • Speaking of name changes, on page 50 (Part One: Blood Sport) Dean K L McGuffin is mentioned as writing a paper in 1982 Science Yearbook. On page 220 (Part Three: Wreckage) his name changes to Dean D L McGuffin and he wrote the paper in the 1981 Science Yearbook.
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